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Importance of biomechanics

Biomechanics. I incorporate this heavily in my training sessions, making sure all my clients are moving WITHOUT compensation. First thing I do with clients is assessing how their body moves during exercise. These movements are squats, lunges, single leg balance, push-ups, and planks. By analyzing this, I am able to see what muscles are over/under active. So why should YOU care about biomechanics?

First, it helps prevent injuries. Exercising is the fun part, but if you have been working out for years, there are days where your back is out of wack or something is hurting to the point where you cannot exercise. Injuries occur when there’s compensation during a movement. For instance, straining your shoulder by picking up your purse behind your car seat. This happens because the shoulder complex isn’t strong enough BEHIND our body. If you know this beforehand, then the likelihood of you doing this is slim.

Secondly, your workouts will be much more efficient. Without moving properly, you will NOT be able to progress. Meaning, you won’t be able to target the correct muscle. Let’s take pull ups for instance. If you continue to use your upper traps during the movement, then the lats will NOT develop. If you know how to activate the correct muscles, then you will be able to strengthen the underdeveloped muscles and, hence, get stronger.

Ultimately, learning how the body works will improve not only your workout, but will help in preventing injuries because you know how to control your body. So it is crucial to understand and appreciate how the body functions. Treat your body as if you do for your car. If you have a flat tire, you put air in it. If your engine light comes on, you take it to a mechanic. You know what to do and this is what I want everybody to have with their body; excellent mind-body connection. Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………..Kei

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