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Insta-gratification and its effect on fitness

Insta-gratification. This is what society has come to. Everything is at your disposal and at your fingertips. Want to order food? Doordash. Want to get a ride? Uber/Lyft. Want to find a date? Tinder. Want to binge watch a show? Netflix. Want to order everything in this world? Amazon. Hah, you get the idea.

We have grown accustomed to getting everything and instantly. We don’t have to wait for anything. Click on that icon and boom! It’s at your front door. In my opinion, what this does is it makes us impatient. Why wait when you can just order it from your phone? I order Starbucks from my phone all the time so I can avoid the lines. We hardly have to wait for anything. So maybe that’s why you see road rage during traffic; people aren’t used to waiting. This impatience rubs off in fitness. People want instant results. And I am talking about INSTANT results.

You can’t order fitness.

Health and getting in shape is something you cannot buy. There’s no icon you can click to get in shape. Just good ol’ fashion working hard. Putting in time and effort. Making good choices and keeping the body moving. And to me, that’s the beauty of fitness; insta-gratification doesn’t apply. Look at the options of insta-gratification for fitness. Freeze the fat. Liposuction. There’s a reason why the weight or fat comes back after these procedures. If you don’t change your habits, the weight will come back like Chucky on a revenge.

You cannot outwork a poor diet.

That’s the reality. People make fitness complex. Creating shortcuts. What is the fastest way to x, y, and z. People know the answer, they just don’t want to admit it and most importantly, wish for a shorter route. Well, let me reassure you. There is no insta-gratification for fitness. If you truly want something to last (habit-wise), take your time and don’t rush. Remember, slow and steady always wins the race.

Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………..Kei

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