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It’s not just the numbers to worry about

Numbers. You know what I’m talking about. That’s right; the thing on the scale that tells you if you are gaining/losing weight. Given that the holidays are quickly approaching, its crunch time and let’s make sure you have your game plan on NOT gaining weight this year. Its more than the numbers that we have to worry about during this time of year. Holiday season is filled with social events. From Thanksgiving, company parties, Friends-giving event, and year-end events. Our schedule gets HECTIC during November and December. I know for myself, December is going to be crazy. So when do you have time to exercise? Without realizing, BAM! Gained 5-lbs. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen.

First, PLAN ahead. This isn’t the first time we dealt with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let’s not keep making the same mistakes over and over. We all get busy this time of year. If you know your event is on a certain day, mark it on a calendar. I recommend a “physical” calendar, not the one on your phone because it’ll be a constant reminder every time you see it in the house. Don’t just wait the day of Thanksgiving to buy all the ingredients for your party; it’s only going to add stress. If you are hosting, have all the items set up beforehand, or at least out so they are ready.

Secondly, MAKE time to exercise. Get up early in the morning and go for a run/walk that you’ve been dreading. You WILL feel better that you have done it. Workout during lunchtime. Stay consistent with exercising because that will be your saving grace through the midst of the craziness.

Lastly, be REALISTIC on what you want to accomplish. “I want to maintain my weight.” “I’m okay with gaining no more than 2-3 pounds.” That’s always a great goal during this time of year. If you manage to lose, hey congratulations, you did it. On the other hand, if you gained, its not the end of the world. Once January rolls around, your schedule should go back to normal and this is where you want to get that momentum back. Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………………………..Kei

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