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More than ONE way to lose weight

More than one way to lose weight. Low carb, high carb, high fat, high protein, low sugar diet, you name it, its out there. There are SOOOOOOO many diets out there at your disposal to try. And many of you have tried some; Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Ketogenic diet to list a few. There is no diet that is superior to others, it just has to work for YOU. We all crave and eat different things. So what are key things you want to keep in mind when figuring out your path to losing weight?

First and foremost, you have to STICK with it. Results don’t happen overnight. Before I get into specifics let me ask you this, “how long did it take you to gain weight?” Wasn’t overnight, right? So why are you asking to take the weight off in a fraction of the time? Don’t you think its going to take time for the weight to come off? And most importantly, you want that weight to NOT come back. Stay consistent on your path.


Secondly, be REALISTIC. “I want to have a six pack and shredded.” The look people are looking for is body fat in the range of under 10%.for men and under 15% for females. No visible fat, just pure muscle. You might have seen it on TV or social media. “What can’t I look like that?” You start to second-guess your journey. The thing I remind people is, you’re comparing yourself to a  professional bodybuilder who spends over 2 hours working out everyday and they get PAID doing it. We (regular working people) do NOT get paid working out. You’re comparing yourself to someone that does it for a living. Wouldn’t you think your path would take longer because you don’t have as much time for exercise?

Thirdly, is to hold yourself accountable. Which ever diet you choose, TRACK what you are doing. This can be from writing it down, weighing your food, logging it on a app, adding up points, adding up calories/macros, etc. For example, MyFitnessPal is a app I recommend to help people understand what the macros (protein, carbs, and fat) percentage in grams you are supposed to intake when trying to achieve your goal. We all have our preference, but you have to do something to hold yourself accountable.

You can always make your own diet.

Ultimately, there is more than one way to lose weight. With the thousands of diets out there, how do you know which one works for you? Start with being consistent in your approach. You can always make your own. Take a little bit of this and that and create a diet that works for you. When you start changing what you eat, it can’t be just for one day. Stick with it and be consistent. Secondly, don’t expect to lose weight immediately because you don’t want the weight to come back. Be realistic in what you are able to eat because you want to sustain your results. And lastly, you need to hold yourself accountable. Without this, you are guessing and you will most likely not get the results you are looking for. In the end of it all, a diet shouldn’t feel overwhelming or boring. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………………Kei

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