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Overloading isn’t the way

In this week’s blog, I want to discuss why you shouldn’t do the same exercise every day. This is coming from my experience of the quest to being able to bench press 200 pounds as a 14 year old. My training program only consisted of bench press and push-ups. Did I get to my goal of being able to bench press 200-lbs? Yes, but as a result of only training push muscles, my shoulder became imbalanced.

Months and months of training like this and playing basketball with tight chest/shoulders resulted in my shoulder dislocating. The tear was significant enough that I needed surgery. Looking back, I wish someone told me how to train and the importance of having strong mid/low trapezius, rhomzoids, lats, rotator cuff muscles benefited my shoulder.

All I fixated on was being able to bench press 200 pounds. However, I didn’t realized the importance of stretching and training the muscles around the chest would benefit the bench press. Had I done that, my shoulder would have been balanced and stable. However, I didn’t know any better at 13-14 years old.

So what did I learn from this? Overloading a exercise will get you to your goal. However, there are consequences. In my case, I created so much tightness and imbalance in my shoulder that I needed surgery. So train all muscles in the body so you are well-rounded because it provides a balance that will withstand the stress of life.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………….Kei

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