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Patience is a virtue

You exercise, eat right, and do everything you’re supposed to get to your goal. However, you aren’t seeing results. Negativity, self-doubt, and motivation to continue drops. “This isn’t working for me. I quit” How many times have you said that? I have, but the one reminder that keeps me going is the fact that I am not trying to achieve my goal in two days. Patience.

One of the reasons why people lose patience is the effort they are putting doesn’t amount to anything in their eyes. “I’m not losing weight, but I have been working out consistently for 2 years.” What clients don’t realize is that their body is changing, but they are fixated on the number on the scale. Things like toning of the arms, slimmer waist, less fat on the face are being neglected. One client believed that she wasn’t losing weight, but when I showed her photos from 2 years ago, she was shocked by the transformation. Always remind yourself that the work you are putting in is helping towards your goal. It just isn’t at the rate that you want it to be. Trust the process.

Time is another factor. How long did it take to gain that 15 pounds? It wasn’t overnight, right? So why are you trying to lose it within a month? Expectations are high when people want results. “I want nice looking arms in 1 month.” This is possible if you have low body fat. Otherwise, the striations would be covered by the fat. Losing body fat is not the same as losing weight, so take your time with the process. I will discuss the difference in another week.

This is always a great quote to go by when you are trying to achieve your goals.

Ultimately, you have to look at fitness long term. Results don’t happen overnight. Its the relentless effort of eating right, making good choices, exercising when you don’t want to, and making yourself a priority. There will be days where you want to give up, but always remind yourself that patience is a virtue. Treat fitness as a relationship that you want it to last for a long time. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………..Kei

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