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Stop the domino

Domino effect of weight gain during the holidays. It’s December 17 as I write this. Most of you already had your holiday party or are about to have one and subsequently gained weight from the madness. Chocolate, candy, chips, cake, cookies, hot cocoa, peppermint lattes, the list goes on with what is out there that contributes to weight gain. So what are ways to stop the domino from falling?

“I’ll start tomorrow isn’t going to fly.”

First, you have to stop at some point. Ask yourself, “how long am I going to allow this?” Eating and drinking like crap. The longer you let it go, the greater the damage. “I’ll start tomorrow.” Then, tomorrow comes around and you say the same thing. Stop making excuses and get out there. Half the battle is doing it, so get it done. The hardest will be that first day back, then it’ll get easier.

Secondly, you have to hold yourself accountable by stepping onto the scale. You have to know, right? Some people avoid weighing in during the holidays. From my experience, knowing how much you gained helps you get back on track faster. Enough is enough. You’ve held yourself accountable all year, so stay consistent till the very end. If you gained 10 pounds, stop it from gaining 15.

Lastly, don’t wait until the holidays are over to get back to your routine. If you have time, then go on that run, jog, walk, hike, exercise class, etc. Keep moving. If you have guests, share them your passion, which is fitness. If you have been exercising consistently for 1 year, then I assume (hope) you like exercising. “Hey, you want to try this workout with me?” “Let’s go on a hike tomorrow.” Instead of spending time indoors, go outside and enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………..Kei

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