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The truth about abs

Abs. The truth is, we all have it. If you have the ability to wake up from a lying-down position, you have abs. Now the question is what is in front of it? Oh, the beloved body fat.

First, no matter how many sit-ups/crunches you do, the abs will NOT show unless you get rid of the body fat. You would need to do a lot of reps and on a consistent basis just to see even a tiny bit of results. I’m talking over 10,000 crunches a day for weeks just to see some result. Is that worth it? No. Crunches are tough on the spine and you’re risking injury with those amount of reps. Kiss those washboard abs goodbye because you cannot even do one crunch without grimacing in pain.

We all have a six pack, it’s what we have in front that differentiates if it shows or not.

Secondly, there’s three parts to your stomach when designing a program for those washboard abs. When you incorporate ab exercises in your routine, you gotta do all three sections. The top part of the stomach is targeted when you do crunches, where the torso moves upward. The lower part of the stomach is engaged when the legs move up. However, the lower abs are much harder because the legs are involved. Our legs weigh sooooo much more than the rest of our bodies, so its harder on the lower back. Lastly, the sides of the stomach are called obliques; I call them fish gills. These are targeted when rotation is involved. Very important to incorporate all three to develop the muscles.

Ultimately, you have to understand that you do have abs. It’s what’s in front that you have to get rid of. Continue to work on decreasing body fat and incorporating those three parts of your stomach muscles and those abs will start to show. Don’t forget, it’s almost that time for summer ladies and gentlemen. Just like anything you want results in, have a plan and importantly, stick with it. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned fore more next Wed………………..Kei

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