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X’Mas is the time to…….be SELFISH?


YOU are the engine that drives everything. Without this engine, nothing will work; it wouldn’t even turn on. Christmas can be very stressful. Standing in line getting gifts, thinking about what to get, getting ready to host a party, driving around those slow drivers, the list goes on during this time of year. Think about it. You spend hours and hours gift wrapping, shopping for others, and not even thinking about YOURSELF.

If you’re like me, when I am in the zone, I am locked in until that task is done. So if I don’t have food or water near me, I go hours and hours without eating or drinking something. THIS is terrible for you. Just the other day, my client was saying her back was hurting. I asked what she did over the weekend and she mentioned that she was gift wrapping for 5 hours straight. Anything for that long period of time will make your body stiff.

Anything over a hour can make your body stiff

I understand that this is a time of giving and being jolly, but be selfish and take care of yourself. Eat breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Drink at least 8 cups of water. Make sure you have plenty of nutrients in your system, so you are not susceptible to all the crap that is going around. If you get sick, then it’s just going to make every task that much harder to do because your sinuses are clogging everything and you’re just trying to survive.

Be selfish

So I am here to tell you to always take care of the most important person, and that is YOU. It’s okay to be selfish, say no once in a while. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Looks like we have one more to go for 2017!

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