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Do this and lose 15 pounds

Did I get you? These types of advertisements are everywhere. If you clicked on this blog post, then it worked right? I wasn’t trying to trick you, but I want to explain why ads like this work but are short-lived.

First and foremost, following a structure makes it simple. The hardest part about fitness is staying consistent. It makes it easier to follow when everything is written down for you. From what workouts to do to what types of food to eat. These are everyday struggles. When you have all the answers to the test, you should pass with flying colors, right? You will see results when you follow a structure, but that’s if we keep the same schedule. What is your diet going to look like at a party? We go to social events, travel, get sick, get injured, etc. Now the plan is disrupted and you must adjust accordingly. However, the plan doesn’t give you the detours or adjustments. This is when people have a hard time getting back into it or get unmotivated to start exercising again. If our lives were simple enough that we can follow them every day, then we wouldn’t have an issue. The last time I checked, life isn’t that simple.

Secondly, it’s short-lived because it isn’t personalized. This is especially true when it comes to diet. We all have different cravings and dislikes. You may stick with a diet plan for a month or two, but realize that the food you are eating isn’t something you like. This is why I don’t give diet plans for clients. What works for me may not work for you. Because chances are, you don’t eat fermented soybeans or dried sardines (YUM!). It’s not worth it if you are feeling miserable or forcing yourself to do something.

Lastly, boredom. When you do something new and different, it’s exciting. Motivation is high. You eat right and exercise consistently more than ever. Then, months go by and you start falling off. We’ve all been there. Recall the last time you were excited to exercise. Seeing results week after week, losing inches, gaining muscle, etc. I’ve been exercising for 23 years and I don’t remember the last time I felt that. And that is the thing about fitness. It isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You are not going to see results every time. Your body may not change for a while. You may weight gain. That knee pain may linger during your workout. You are not going to feel like exercising. You don’t want to cook. You had horrible sleep. These are obstacles that we face in our fitness journeys. I am not saying trying something new is bad, it can be very rewarding. But, always look ahead when that program or plan ends because it will be quick. Now ask yourself, what are you going to do next? I sure hope you planned ahead. Hope you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for more! -Kei

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